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Smile! … and visit your dentist!

Smile! … and visit your dentist!

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a dentist? Dentistry is an interesting as well as a rewarding profession. For one to become a dentist they need to have much interest in science as well as in helping people. A dentist apart from being a scientist is also an artist and...

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The pros and cons of legalizing cannabis

The pros and cons of legalizing cannabis

The pros and cons of legalizing cannabis

Cannabis has been a very popular recreational drug for decades. While it has always been illegal for recreational drug use, there are additional medical benefits to the drug that has allowed it to be legalized for medicinal purposes in some areas. Furthermore, over the past five years several different states across the country have even legalized it for recreational use. For those areas that are considering legalizing marijuana, there are several pros and cons of legalization that need to be taken into consideration.

Pro – Breaks Down Illegal Black Market

One of the advantages of legalizing marijuana is that it will break down the illegal market for the drug. Today, the vast majority of marijuana is bought and sold illegally. This ends up putting more money and profits into criminals hands, which can then be used to invest into other dangerous activities that are bad for society. If the drug is legalized, there would be no reason to buy it from an illegal source, which could completely end the illegal business.


Pro – Tax Revenue

Another advantage of making the drug legal is that it could provide a valuable tax revenue source. Today, tobacco and alcohol are taxed at very high rates that make them very profitable for local communities. Those that are willing to legalize marijuana will be able to charge an even higher level of tax. This could end up adding millions of dollars in revenue to a local budget. However, some believe that legalization of marijuana could also reduce the amount of alcohol and tobacco consumption in a given area. This could then offset some of the tax benefits that a local jurisdiction would be expecting.


Pro – Medicinal Benefits

The third pro of marijuana is that it does provide some medicinal benefits to users. Those that use marijuana can use it for pain reduction, anxiety relief, glaucoma, and a variety of other issues. If the drug is legalized, those that are suffering from a number of different conditions will be able to benefit by having it be more accessible. There are also very low THC options like Cannabis Light.


Con – Addiction

While there are plenty of advantages of legalizing marijuana, there are disadvantages as well. One of the main disadvantages of legalization is that there is a certain level of addiction risk. Those that use the drug on a regular basis could develop a physical and mental addiction to it that can be very hard to break. Because of this, the drug needs to be sold only to those that are above 21 years of age and are more likely able to manage their usage appropriately.


Con – Medical Risk

While there are medical benefits that can come with using the drug, there are some disadvantages as well. Those that use the drug on a regular basis could suffer from addiction, issues with their lungs, and heart-related issues. Furthermore, similar to when smoking tobacco products, those that are in the same room as the user could inhale second hand smoke. This could be very hazardous to any children that accidentally inhale it.

Smile! … and visit your dentist!

Smile! … and visit your dentist!

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a dentist? Dentistry is an interesting as well as a rewarding profession. For one to become a dentist they need to have much interest in science as well as in helping people. A dentist apart from being a scientist is also an artist and an entrepreneur.

Are you looking for a good dentist?

So many people do have the urge to visit a dentist either for a checkup or when they have dental problems. However, the challenge of getting a good dentist has been the main hindering factor especially for those who are in need of just a checkup. When you land onto a qualified dentist, you will most likely never opt to go to any other dentist. The following traits will help you get a good dentist:

Their communication skills is excellent: a good dentist should be articulate, confident and professional in their communication. Since they are expected to provide professional guidance and educative tips on preventive care, various diagnosis and treatments, they are also expected to pass these information to their patients in simplicity and in a manner that can be well and easily understood.

Their words should be like that of a coach, who talks to players in a promising manner aiming at getting positive results. The dentists presence should help increase the customer’s ability to accept dental treatment. At some instance, patients seem to control the dentist on how to conduct their duty especially under treatment. The dentist should be capable of making patients feel happy mostly about themselves and as well considering the effects after treatment.

Compassion and honesty should be traits of a good dentist: a good dentist needs to be kindhearted when dealing with patients, putting into consideration the effects of giving unreliable dental services to patients.in essence, compassion and honesty should at all instances go hand in hand to complement each other.

Hesitation to provide reliable data to patients will have negative impacts and in turn causing discomfort while seeking medical assistance. Most patients are affected by life after dental surgery especially regarding the secrets that needs to be safeguarded by the dentist about the patients. Dishonesty will reduce the confidence with which patients will confine to a dentist in tacoma wa most probably when in need of dental services.

They should have acceptable sense of business: having excellent expertise in providing dental services is not the only requirement. Creation of surplus capital is icing to providing reliable dental services. With money, patients are assured of quality services while the dentists are as well assured of confidence in their work.

The business part should not however be the primary reason of becoming a dentist. Equal treatment to patients should be the dentist’s main work, putting into consideration most patients may have poor capital base. The dentist should however ensure serving patients and the business part of his career balance each other.

A good dentist should have the desire to learn: dentistry is usually capped with changes in ideas as well as the type of technology used. A good dentist should be able to adjust to arising day to day changes in dental ideas. Education incorporates dealing with patients in a daily basis.

A good dentist should have an update on technological advancement and be able to accept the new ideas. A dentist should be innovative especially in giving advice to patients.

Understanding Vaping and E-Liquid

Understanding Vaping and E-Liquid

Interesting in learning about vaping and e-liquid (Store: buy e liquid), but feel like you don’t know where to being? We’ve done the research, trials, and have invested financially into gaining understanding of the vaping world. The following article has the 411 on everything you need to know and understand before you purchase your first smoking device.

What is Vaping?.

The term is “Vaping” is used to refer to the use of a personal vaporizing device (e-cigarette, mod, stick, box, throat hit) to inhale the vapor generated by its atomizer.

What are E-Cigarettes?

When first released most vaping devices were created to resemble the look of traditional cigarettes and were called electronic cigarette or e-cig for short. The design and look of e-cigs have evolved over the years to include a wide array of variety, features, and colors. A growing number of tobacco smokers are turning to vaping as an alternative to traditional cigarettes and are reporting better health. This is due to the ability to control the level of nicotine you ingest. In fact, many smokers have turned to vaping in efforts to quit smoking altogether.

Vaping Device Monikers





*Throat Hit

The Anatomy of an E-Cigarette

There is a lot of information out there concerning smoking devices but let’s get into how vaping devices actually work. With a granular approach lets dissect the technology involved in a vaporizer:

  1. Mouth Piece: The tip of the vaporizer where you place your lips to inhale the vapor.
  2. Tank (Cartomizer): The container where the nicotine liquid resides and is stored. Newer vaping devices refer to this container as a cartridge while others have combined that term with atomizer to coin the term Cartomizer (cartridge + atomizer).
  3. Atomizer: This is where the vapor is generated from the process of converting the liquid nicotine into smokable vapor. The heating coil contained in the atomizer strikes the liquid and the high temperature produces vaporization.
  4. Base: The end of your e-cigarette where you’ll find your battery and some models also place the chimney and airflow here as well.
  5. Battery: The power that controls your vaping device comes in a wide array of options and some new vaporizers give you the option to recharge your device through any USB port.

What is E-Liquid?

The word e-liquid (e-juice) is in reference to the nicotine flavor mixture that fuels your personal vaping device and is comprised of four main ingredients:

  1. Nicotine: Is the potent parasympathomimetic stimulant found in tobacco leaves and is the primary active ingredient in e-liquid. The most important factor to consider here is that you can control the dosage of nicotine.
  2. Flavorings: A variety of blends of different ingredients and flavor profiles manufactured into a concentrate for your smoking pleasure.
  3. Propylene Gylcol: A gummy colorless liquid with a faint scent and is slightly sweet to the palette.
  4. Vegetable Gylcerin: A transparent odorless liquid manufactured from plant oils such as palm oil, soy oil, or coconut oil.


You are now ready to conquer the vaping world.