If you are African American, or have hair that is a similar texture to someone that is African American, you may want to style your hair in waves – but how to get waves without messing everything up?

This is usually done via several different methods. Methods that differ depending on your hair texture and the type of waves you would like to have.

How are waves created? — Most African American men and women’s hair waves are created by either using a chemical product to create waves, an enhancement kit or a wave brush. Some waves are created by people that use all three things, whereas other people create their waves without using any chemical products on their heads.

What is a wave brush and how do you use it? — One of the most popular methods of creating waves is by using a wave brush. This is often used as part of a more natural way of getting waves, so can take longer than if you use chemicals. The people that use a wave brush, however, tend to like the results they get, as they feel their hair looks more natural.

As for how a wave brush is used, it is usually used in conjunction with a very short hair style and something called a ‘hair food’.

This is a product that is oily, and features vitamins that make the hair shine and in much better condition. The hair food is rubbed into the hair, and then the hair is brushed several times with the wave brush. As the person brushes more and more, an ‘s shape’ develops within the hair. It is these ‘s shapes’ that ultimately create the wave so many people like.

Some people use their wave brush several times a day. That way the wave in the hair develops even faster.

Meanwhile, the hair food also holds the wave together as they brush, making sure that sprigs of hair do not escape from the wave.

Durags are then worn over the hair at night so that the wave does not get messed up as they sleep.

What type of wave brush is the best? — It depends on the texture of your hair and the type of wave you want to achieve.

If your hair texture is a thin or a medium one, it is easy to create waves with a wave brush that is quite soft. If the texture of your hair is quite thick or wiry, however, you will need a harder textured brush so that you can get your hair to go into the wave pattern you desire.

No matter which type of brush bristle you need, however, it is always best to buy the highest quality wave brush you can afford. After all, this is a piece of hair equipment you will be using several times a day as long as you have a wave.

It makes sense then to buy one that will last you a long time.